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About Us

The Ahmed Ali Petkar Foundation is a Birmingham UK based registered charity.

The Ahmed Ali Petkar Foundation was founded and set up in Ramadhan 1432 (August 2011) and registered with the Charity Commission on 19th October 2011.

This Foundation was established by Ebrahim Petkar and his family who wished to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people, particularly children, in poor countries. Unfortunately, extreme poverty and the lack of state infrastructure and support means that many people require help to improve their lives. In poor countries like Zimbabwe, The Gambia and Rural India, people lack basic human needs such as drinking water and food, and children do not have access to basic education.

TAAP aim to target areas in Africa, Rural India and Palestine and undertake projects which could potentially change the lives of people who otherwise will not have the opportunity to do so. The work is carried out through projects such as installing pumping stations for drinking water, providing free books to existing school children, supplying food, clothing, basic healthcare and shelter, and developing new schools.

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