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Bringing Life-Changing Impacts in The Gambia Through Zakat

As one of the cardinals and integral elements in the Islamic order, Zakat acts as a significant institution of social order. Since it is an important component of Islamic Ideology, it significantly impacts the spiritual and social life of the overall Muslim society.

What is Zakat?

Charity plays a significant role in Islam and stands as one of the significant pillars of the religion. It is a mandatory charitable donation that is required for all Muslims to fulfill. You need to satisfy specific requirements to become eligible to pay Zakat (Sahib-e-Zakat). They must be an adult, and their wealth should meet the nisab threshold.

Interestingly, Zakat has the power to purify the soul and moves it away from negative traits, including greed, and selfishness, while also cleaning the wealth.

Impressing Benefits of Zakat

Here are some of the benefits of giving Zakat:

Zakat Builds Human Dignity

We have all heard that giving is always better than receiving. While everyone may not be comfortable with asking for assistance to cover their financial deficiencies, giving Zakat prevents them from standing in that tough situation. Such a sacrifice is undoubtedly worth the effort.

Zakat Establishes Social Security

With the present heart-wrenching situation happening in poor Islamic countries such as Palestine, Zakat can give them some Social security. It can assist in fulfilling the necessities of the people suffering there, relieving them from worrying about food and water.

Zakat Reduces Poverty

Zakat acts as an effective strategy in significantly alleviating poverty. By acting as a vital contributor to improving the economy. It can act as a long-term strategy for poverty alleviation and ameliorate living standards.

Zakat is an incredibly powerful tool that allows the transmission of wealth to the ones who may be most vulnerable.

Allah says: “Of their wealth, take alms, that so thou mightiest purify and sanctify them; and pray on their behalf. Verily thy prayers are a source of security for them: And Allah is One Who heareth and knoweth. “(Al-Quran. Al-Taubah 9:103).

Since poverty, hunger, and war crises are massive causes of creating greater amounts of life-sustaining problems, Zakat can make a significant improvement for those suffering.

Zakat Helps End Suffering

In today’s world, when everything is in a devastating situation, by paying Zakat, you can help the following:

  • Needy, enslaved, indebted, impoverished
  • Reverts, friends, and brothers of the Muslim community
  • Stranded travellers
  • People fighting in the way of Allah (SWT)

Charity is a fundamental concept taught to everyone; therefore, we need to ensure that our Muslim brothers and sisters are not left behind and provided with the means to survive adequately.

The recirculation of wealth that comes through Zakat is more than simply giving charity. When we talk about its essence, it is a portion of our wealth that rightfully belongs to the poor.

How is TAAP Helping People in the Gambia?

The Ahmed Ali Petkar Foundation is a Birmingham UK based registered charity organization aimed at changing someone’s life with Zakat you pay.

  • We have initiated a village developmental project where we are developing an Islamic Research Center.
  • Our SADAQAH – FEED THE POOR AND NEEDY PROJECT has helped more than 200 people to eat meat which is not easily available in the village.
  • With the financial assistance of our generous donor, we have completed MASJID FATIMA in Jamisa village, and now we are working on MASJID ZUBAIDA in Banyaka village, Gambia.

To help our Muslim brothers and sisters in the Gambia, we are expanding our services and reaching out to people who can assist us in taking this legacy forward.

We accept online sadaqah and Islamic relief zakat. You can visit our website to learn more about our recent projects or check out all the options available to make a zakat donation smoothly.

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