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Devastating Impacts of Hunger Crises 2022 And TAAP Initiatives

COVID was only the beginning of adding fuel to the overall list of crises destroying the world. Unfortunately, it seems that the resources are also only hitting rock bottom.

When everyone is busy dealing with the immense climate changes, another monster rising and only expanding is the food crisis.

Hunger is a massive concern impacting people in every nook and corner of the globe. Lately, around 828 million people are going to bed hungry every day, while those facing acute food insecurity are only expanding. Statistics also speak that about 50 million people in 45 countries are on the edge of famine.

With increasing health security and deadly outbreaks, the needs are not met in due time whereas the funding is limited as well. Undoubtedly, we all are standing at severe crossroads.

According to the UN’s Hunger Report, hunger is when the entire population goes through severe food insecurity, majorly because of a lack of food, money, and other resources.

Although sufficient food is produced to resolve the food insecurity of the global population, the crises remain. The world was making significant progress, but the current events, including COVID, political conflicts, and climate changes, resulted in worsening the overall situation.

Along with other socio-political factors, the food insecurity is also affected by unstable weather conditions. Moreover, economic downturns in various countries that are heavily dependent on oil or export revenues are also facing negative impacts on food availability and people having lower access to food.

Another primary cause of hunger is poverty, which is connected to the above-mentioned factors, including social, societal, and demographic factors. Such people also have a compromised lifestyle, unhygienic conditions, sanitation issues, and reside in an unsafe environment.

Conflict is also a cause of intense food crises that results in famine, a fact the UN Security Council officially recognized in 2018.

Undernutrition and hunger are worse conflicts if institutions are not performing properly. Therefore, implementing conflict-sensitive approaches is highly vital to reach sustainable outcomes.

From the Central African Republic all the way to Syria, Africa, and Yemen, climate shocks and poverty are driving countless people to the edge of starvation. But we cannot let any factors become the reason for us to stop helping them.

Seeing the countries’ worsening conditions which drags the entire region into famine and leading to destabilization, starvation, and extreme poverty, the Ahmed Ali Petkar Foundation has decided to take an initiative.

The TAAP is a charitable organization in the U.K which strives every day to take steps that require hard decisions but results in helping those who are deprived of necessities. We believe that investing in resilience activities today is vital to building a better tomorrow. Our goal is to assist underprivileged children, poor, orphaned, and elderly in less fortunate countries. Our services include food, free books, education, primary healthcare, clothing, and shelter.

Our goal is to take every step to improve the lives of the poor and the needy. By taking consistent steps, we can make a significant difference.

If you like to play a part, visit our website to donate.

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