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Sponsor an Orphan in Palestine

You can transform an orphan’s life for good when you become a sponsor with The Ahmed Ali Petkar Foundation.

We believe that all children should have an equal chance in life. Your sponsorship will make a huge difference. It will give hope to a boy or girl in need – ensuring they have enough to eat, an education and a path to a better future.

You will receive regular updates about the progress of the child you sponsor and will be able to see the difference you’re making to their life.

Please contact us for information on how you can sponsor a child in The Gambia, India and Zimbabwe. Palestine in the near future.

Full Name:

ID Number: Pal

Gender: Female / Male



Town / Village: Khalil / Jerusalem




We are involved in many projects which include providing housing, water, food and education to rural villages in India, Africa and Palestine.

We greatly rely on donations to help these underprivileged people. Your donations will go a long way to helping them lead better lives.