Pimploli Village Housing Project

Mrs Amina Karbellar

This Sadaqah and Zakah compliant project funded the house repair for Mrs. Amina Karbellar, who lives in the village of Pimploli in the Ratnagiri region of India. We were alerted that she was living in a house in a deplorable state of repair and would not survive the next monsoon season starting in July. The walls and roof were collapsing, and she had no money for the repairs. Her son was unemployed and had no means to support her. There were villagers prepared to do the work, provided they could have the materials to work with.

Mrs Karbellar house in desperate need of repair

At the start of 2018, we launched the campaign to raise funds to provide emergency repairs and temporary accommodation.

Thanks to our supporters generous donations, we could give £500 and complete the project by June to ensure that Mrs. Karbellar remains to live securely and safely in the beautiful remote village of Pimploli. Mrs. Amina Karbellar was grateful for the support and said that without it, she could not have managed. She says that the Charity and all those who support it are always in her prayers.

Mrs Karbellar House
Ring Repairs

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This housing project was Sadaq Jariyah and Zakah compliant. This was a part of the safe housing projects we look to support. If you would like to support similar projects to this, then please donate here. For Muslim aid UK, If you have a similar project in our target region you would like us to help with, then please apply here.