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Water Supply

  • Africa rural community suffers from a lack of clean water supply. The communities have undergone unheard human miseries due to constant droughts and unreliable rainfalls. Most of the rivers in the area are seasonal, an indication that there is no constant water supply. The community relies on water from wells, which run dry if droughts persist. There are also ponds of stagnant water which are used by both human and animal community. Thus, people are generally at the mercy of their creator since the cleanliness of such waters is not assured.
  • The project idea is to improve access to clean water for rural communities’ villages through sinking of borehole. There will be Community Collaboration that will ensure full participation of community at different stages of the project. TAAPF (the implementing organation.) will provide project committee that will oversee the planning and implementation phases. The organization will get the boreholes drilling company and water pump supply company; it will also coordinate the entire project while seeking technical advice from the experts.
  • The inhabitants of the village have had share of miseries and help is very much needed. They are victims of long dry spells; they keep on wandering looking for water and greener pastures for their livestock.