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There are many ways to help, organise, mobilize, and, most importantly, make a simple awareness campaign for TAAP Foundations.

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Please Donate to TAAP Foundation through Online Banking, which will reduce our costs and means your gifts go further.

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If you would like to make donations, we as TAAP Foundation accept card payments, and you can also transfer directly to our charity bank account. Please see our donations page for more information, TAAP Foundation and Gift Aid.

Become a Volunteer

There are many ways to help, organise, mobilise and most importantly, making a simple awareness campaign will help.

Quick Fundraising

Please Donate through the Charity Aid Foundation for direct debits only, this will reduces our costs and means your gifts goes further.

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If you would like to make donations we accept PayPal payments, you can also transfer directly to our charity bank account. Please see our donations page for more information and gift aid.
About Us

The Ahmed Ali Petkar Foundation is a Birmingham UK based registered Charity organization.

The Ahmed Ali Petkar Foundation, a charitable organisation in U.K., was established by Ebrahim Petkar and his enthusiastic family, who would like to change the lives of poor, orphaned, and underprivileged children and elderly in less fortunate countries. We as a registered Charity provide many quality services, including free books, education, food, clothing, primary healthcare, and shelter.

We, as TAAP Foundation:

The Best Way To Act Is To Give.

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Let’s Make a difference in the lives of the deserving children and women.

Build An Islamic Education Centre - The Gambia

Our Objective

You Have The Power Today To Change Tomorrow

Our registered charity aims to target areas in Africa, Rural India, and Palestine and undertake projects which could potentially change the lives of people who otherwise will not have the opportunity to do so.
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Our registered charity tries and makes donations as easy as possible for you. Our preference is that you donate through our T.A.A.P. Foundation Account for One-Off and Standing Order Payments directly to the charity account. This helps T.A.A.P Foundation reduces the costs and makes administration easier. Our T.A.A.P Foundation in Birmingham accepts online sadaqah and zakat. You can also Pay zakat online as well as you can even donate a water pump to help the ones in need.

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Become A Proud Volunteer with TAAP Foundation

1. T.A.A.P. Foundation is created with a very specific mission, that focuses on improving the lives of the poor and the needy or a niche area of need. We grow from an individual’s experience, which means the vision is clear and consistent from the get-go.
2. Our causes cover a whole range of issues, from poverty, caring, education, water wells and often this work is face-to-face and hands-on. If you’re passionate about a particular cause, working for us will allow you to get your hands dirty and get up-close and personal with the needy people that need your help – what can be more rewarding than that?
3. Imagine working for a charity where the environment allows you the chance to get to know the people you’re helping on a personal level and shows you the impact your work was having in a very real sense. This is an extremely powerful motivator.
4. Without a complex office hierarchy, you have far more freedom in the work you do day-to-day.
5. Committed supporters are precious to us; they provide vital funding that helps keep the charity keep running. These supporters are often as passionate about the cause as you are, if not more so. Getting to know these people on a personal basis is a wonderful experience. Many will work tirelessly for your cause, fundraising or volunteering, without desiring attention or thanks.
6. One of the greatest joys of working for TAAP Foundation is how varied your day-to-day can be. Communications – Fundraising, designing a leaflet or any number of other tasks quite regularly. Every day is a new adventure.
7. Volunteering for TAAP Foundation means that you have a chance to get to know your colleagues very well. The more chances you have for collaboration. One of the many positives you can take from this is understanding your workmates and how they function. It can also inspire a more efficient team who know one another’s strengths.