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This is a charity that is a duty upon every sane Muslim who possesses the value of Nisab beyond the basic necessities. Fathers are instructed to give Sadaqah al-Fitr on behalf of those children who have not reached their age.

According to the Prophet Muhammad, each person should give away in Charity an amount equivalent to one sa’a of grain. A sa’a is an ancient measure of volume, and various scholars have struggled to interpret this amount in modern measurements. The most common understanding is that one sa’a is equivalent to 2.5 kilograms (5 pounds) of wheat. Each Muslim is to give away this amount — man or woman, adult or child, sick or healthy, old or young. The senior member of the household is responsible for paying the amount on behalf of the family.

So a family of four individuals (2 adults + 2 children of any age) should purchase and give away 10 kilograms or 20 pounds of food.

The amount that must be given is equal to 1.6 kg of wheat or 3.2 kg of barley or its like. This does not mean that a person must distribute wheat or barley; one may give its equivalent value. (Because this fluctuates, it is improper to specify a price, usually between one and three pounds.)

Fitrana is £3.00 per person (for each child/individual)

So a family with 2 adults and 3 children would be £3.00 x 5  £15.00
The money is used to feed the poor for Eid.

We are involved in many projects, which include providing housing, water, food, and education to rural villages in India, Africa, and Palestine.

We greatly rely on donations to help these underprivileged people. Your donations will go a long way to assisting them to lead better lives. To join our cause