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This is compensation for missing Salah or Sawm for a person who cannot perform them due to being in terminal illness or being deceased (in which case it is given out of a third of the wealth) or in the event of a person making a minor mistake in Hajj.

The amount for each missed Salah or Sawm, or each minor mistake in Hajj, is to give 1.6kgs of wheat or its value (i.e., the same amount provided for Sadaqah al-Fitr) to the poor. Fidyah is generally Sadaqah Wajibah. Sadaqah Nafilah may be offered either from the deceased’s estate or on their behalf, in which case both the giver and the dead are rewarded.

Fidiyah is £5 per day for each individual

So the month of Ramadhan would be £5 x 30 (days of fasting) = £150

The money is used to feed the poor; the £5 would provide a needy person with two meals in one day.

We are involved in many projects, which include providing housing, water, food, and education to rural villages in India, Africa, and Palestine.

We greatly rely on donations to help these underprivileged people. Your donations will go a long way to assisting them to lead better lives. To join our cause