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Every person does have a kind heart, but he does not know about the kindness that he can show to others unless he experiences a chance. Do motivate your friends and relatives for this noble act. Make them realize the significance of basic necessities that how much these are important for anyone’s life. Search for a deserving person of your alms or support fund. For that purpose, you must look around your residence, or you can also visit your nearest town where you are sure that poor and deserving people are living. Locating a true and deserving. No matter if you are helping an undeserved person, because your intentions are sincere and so you will get a reward for it.

Poverty is getting a serious problem everywhere. A single person or government alone cannot eradicate it. Depositing money into yearly support funds and making donations to charitable organizations can help reduce poverty. There are a lot of charitable organizations available in all cities. If when you are motivated to give a Donation, deposit it on a monthly or yearly basis. Do not be ashamed of paying small money because it involves your intention, not your status. Participate now in Muslim Charity in Birmingham.