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This is to allow something as a trust for a certain cause. This can be during one’s lifetime or bequeathed in one’s Will (up to the value of a third of one’s estate). When executed, the Donation becomes the property of Allah I (and thus has specific rules regarding it), and its beneficiaries are to remain those named as the cause (e.g., the poor, orphans, students, the people of a certain locality, etc.) The difference between this and Lillah is that with Waqf, ownership is not given to people or institutes, but only the benefits are ascribed. Like today’s trusts, Waqf also requires the care of trustees over it.

  • A Sustainable Development Institution
  • A Sadaqah Jariyyah
  • A Capital Gift to Allah
  • A Legacy for the Future
  • A Revival of the Sunnah
  • A Beautiful Loan to Allah
  • A Social Responsibility Investment
  • A Dedication to Allah
  • An Ibadat
  • A Civil Society Initiative
  • An Enduring Endowment
  • A Contribution to Nation-building, Poverty Alleviation, and Community Empowerment
  • Beneficial to Muslim, Poor, and Disadvantaged Communities

We are involved in many projects, which include providing housing, water, food, and education to rural villages in India, Africa, and Palestine.

We greatly rely on donations to help these underprivileged people. Your donations will go a long way to assisting them to lead better lives. To join our cause